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Different Path, Same Way
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Gay Family Marriage Equality Relationship Romance Chinese

Different Path, Same Way

45m Hong Kong 2012


Under the mentality of Chinese families in a post-colonial society like Hong Kong and through their marriage, how did the couple realize their family members’ hope regarding their union? As the couple got married in a relatively open society like Canada, how are the newlyweds influenced by the western society’s mentality and its marriage regulations? Director Yung Chiman, bypassed the points of view of his own sexual orientation, hence through the objective images of a heterosexual, had captured the marriage process and its meaning to this homosexual couple.


Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Director: Yung Chiman
Cast: Henry Kwok Yin Lam, Guy Wing Kai Ho
Awards: Hong Kong Chinese Documentary Festival 2012


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