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1h26m Netherlands 2014


The summer is sultry in a village where everyday life is dominated by the humming power plant. Sixteen-year-old Anne and her friends pass time, day after day, by biking through roads that lead nowhere. Until a stranger enters town. She is Lena, a beautiful girl from the city who rides in on a motorbike, as if she is ready to take someone out of this monotonous village. The enigma of Lena intrigues Anne, and quickly she falls for the girl in black leather. But this is a village where everything stays the same. To make a change, Anne will have to find the courage to challenge everyone. This summer, Anne awakens and her life begins.

"A touching portrait of a shy 16-year-old whose life is transformed by her encounter with an outsider."-Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice


Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Director: Colette Bothof
Awards: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2015, Iris Prize Festival 2015 - Best Actress, Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival 2015, Chicago International Film Festival 2014

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