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Different from Whom
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Different from Whom

Diverso da chi?

1h43m Italy 2009


What happens when an openly gay man decides to run for mayor in a super conservative town in North Eastern Italy, using his homosexuality as his secret weapon? What would happen if during the electoral campaign, our hero falls in love with his right hand man who happens to be a - woman? What will the voters say, the political opponents, his official companion? And what..in the end will his heart say?

"A punchy score featuring pop and R&B hits enhances the lively plot and in the process you'll get a little mini-seminar in Italian politics."-Sarah Boslaugh, Playback:stl


Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Director: Umberto Carteni
Awards: Annecy Italian Cinema Festival 2009 - Best Actor, Golden Globes, Italy 2009 - Best First Feature, David di Donatello Awards 2009 Nominations - Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best New Director

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