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Sand Dollars
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Lesbian Romance Latin America

Sand Dollars

Dólares de arena

1h20m Dominican Republic/Mexico/Argentina 2014


Every afternoon Noeli, a young Dominican girl, goes to the beaches with her boyfriend to scam tourists. Anne falls pray and hopelessly in love with Noeli, who will do anything to leave her country. While Anne possesses the power and money, Noeli has her youthful body as a bargaining chip for that coveted visa. With her sight firmly on France, Noeli requests more and more money from Anne to support herself and a young man she calls her brother. As the date to leave for France draws nearer, each woman’s mask is slowly peeled off, leaving each to confront her love and loneliness.


Country: Dominican Republic, Mexico, Argentina
Language: Spanish, English, French
Director: Israel Cárdenas, Aura Amelia Guzmán
Cast: Geraldine Chaplin, Yanet Mojica, Ricardo Ariel Toribio
Awards: Chicago International Film Festival 2014 - Best Actress, Havana Film Festival 2014 - Best Actress, Nashville Film Festival 2015 - Best Actress


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