Ingredients Episode 1 - 1/21 - Series - GagaOOLala - Find Your Story

Ingredients Episode 1
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Ingredients Episode 1 1/21


6m Thailand 2020


(Complete EP1 include EP0 and EP1)
★After "Craving You" comes another BL series combining gourmet and music from Thailand

Tops is a young man who has been fascinated by cooking since childhood. He finds happiness in cooking delicious and tasty food with great care. Marwin is young, romantic, playful, and charming. He loves and is dedicated to music and dreams of becoming a world-class musician. His interest in music is so strong that he didn't take care of himself until he came to live with Tops. When the difference between the two becomes the perfect combination, chaos ensues, and the two find themselves deciding between their dreams and each other.

Subtitles:English、Español、Bahasa Indonesia、繁體中文、简体中文、ภาษาไทย


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