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Cut Sleeve Boys
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Cut Sleeve Boys

Cut Sleeve Boys

18+ Restricted New
1h26m UK/Hong Kong 2006


Brand new digital release of the feature debut by Ray Yeung, the director of "Suk Suk (Twilight's Kiss)" and "Front Cover"

Ray Yeung's first feature is a comedy that tells the story of two Chinese/British gay men named Mel and Ash. The two middle-aged friends attend the funeral of a former acquaintance named Gavin, and begin to question where they are in their own lives as a result. Mel starts to wonder how much longer he can maintain his endless string of plastic surgeries to maintain his looks. Ash decides to try life as a transvestite in order to find a man who will stay with him. Soon a secret from Gavin's past complicates matters for them.

Subtitles:English、Español、Bahasa Indonesia、繁體中文、简体中文、ภาษาไทย


Country: UKHong Kong
Language: English
Director: Ray Yeung
Awards: Taipei Film Festival 2006, Outfest Fusion Film Festival 2006 - Audience Award for Best Feature, International Film Festival Rotterdam 2006,

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