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1h22m China 2018


Abandoned by her parents, Meili was raised by her elder sister, who is infertile. Meili is set up and raped by her brother-in-law before giving birth to a daughter in secret. Later Meili runs away with her lover, but soon her lover abandons her and her sister, a victim of domestic violence, comes to her for help. When her brother-in-law finds her, Meili resigns herself to the dire reality.

"Meili would be a powerful voice in highlighting female-centred stories in China from the women's own perspective."-Maja Korbecka,



Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zhou Zhou
Awards: Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2018, FIRST International Film Festival Xining 2018 - Best Actress, Frameline Film Festival 2019

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