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Diary of Heong Yeong Dang
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Diary of Heong Yeong Dang


1h South Korea 2014


Cheol-ju, a Jwapocheong worker, investigates the body of a poisoned young man. But the criminal soon turns himself in, and he turns out to be Hong-yeon, the brother of the deceased Sang-yeon. Hong-yeon says that he took revenge because Sang-yeon abused him since he was young. Cheol-ju visited Heong Yeong dang to meet Sang-yeon's wife Hoe-jeong. Heong Yeong dang is the place where Hong-Yeon, Sang-yeon and Hoe-jeong spent their childhood together. And Chel-ju found a hidden diary in there! Cheol-ju begins to trace the secrets between the two men...

Subtitles:English、Español、Bahasa Indonesia、繁體中文、简体中文、ภาษาไทย


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