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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
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Gay Family Relationship Romance Chinese

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?


1h46m Taiwan 2013


Every wedding photo book exudes sweet romance between the newly-weds. Feng and Weichung’s was no exception. People have always deemed them a match made in heaven. They were each other’s childhood sweethearts, and their puppy love eventually blossomed into a relationship which led them to walk down the aisle at just the right time. Shortly afterwards, they had their son Awan, and it seemed like the young family of three would live happily ever after.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin, Min Nan, Korean, English
Director: Arvin Chen
Cast: Richie Jen, Mavis Fan, Shih Chin-Hang
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2013, Molodist International Film Festival 2013 - Special Mention of the Jury, Asian Film Awards 2014 - Best Supporting Actress Nomination

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