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18+ Restricted
1h46m Sweden/Denmark 2018


Earth is doomed. A shuttle packed with survivors ascends to Aniara, a space ship bound for Mars, the new Promised Land. Aside from malls, restaurants, and swimming pools, the ship houses Mima: an AI that transforms negative emotions into peaceful memories of Planet Earth. An unexpected turn of events happen when a space wreckage knocks Aniara out of course. Without a fuel tank, the ship is left drifting aimlessly…; MR, an optimistic redhead crew member who’s in charge of the maintenance of the Mima, issues a warning to the captain that Mima is on the brink of malfunction due to an overload of negative energy, only to be ignored…; while the passengers resort to other methods to overcome their existential dread, MR finds herself in a romance with another crew member…

Finding inspiration in the Swedish Nobel Prize-winner Harry Martinson's epic poem of the same name, Pella Kagerman and Hugo Ilja bring a somber and apocalyptic portrait of an erring space shuttle; it echos not just the classic sci-fi flicks such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris, but also WALL-E, only much more realistic and dark.

"Aniara is a bold and beautiful film, that is sweeping in both its scope and thematic complexity."-Dylan Walker, Film Inquiry


Country: SwedenDenmark
Awards: Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival 2019, Les Arcs European Film Festival 2018 - Best Actress Cineuropa Award Press Prize - Special Mention Young Jury Prize - Special Mention, Uruguay International Film Festival 2019 - Best Director - International Competition, European Film Awards 2019 - European Discovery - Prix FIPRESCI Nomination

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