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1h47m Guatemala/France/Luxembourg 2019


Rotten Tomatoes 91% high rating!

When Pablo arrives at his family's house outside Guatemala City, everyone is already waiting tensely for this beloved brother, son and husband to appear. Everyone at the clan's villa is horrified: Pablo has fallen in love with another man, Francisco. In doing so, he is calling into question all the values by which this deeply religious evangelical family lives. In spite of resistance from his relatives, Pablo moves in with Francisco, who is closely linked to the city's subculture and leads a completely different, liberated existence. Pablo loses his old home, but somehow never really settles in the new one. His wish to unite the two worlds turns out to be a dead end. Putting their faith before everything else, his relatives are adamant that Pablo can be "healed". With help from their ultra-religious community, the family does everything in its power to get their prodigal son back on track, no matter the cost.

"Places strong visuals, performances and atmosphere."-Neil Young, Hollywood Reporter


Language: Spanish
Director: Jayro Bustamante
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2019, Taipei Film Festival 2019, Outfest Los Angeles LGBT Film Festival 2019 - Outstanding Performance in an International Narrative, Toulouse Latin America Film Festival 2019 - Audience Award

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