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In the Mirror
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In the Mirror

In the Mirror

28m France/USA 2017


Joëlle is not your average father. Her life is in full reconstruction after a sex reassignment, when her son suddenly leaves the family home in Montreal and follows her to New York. She's not ready to play the doting father. He can see that she's gone down a notch. Crap job, tiny flat. And there's a transgender support group that meets there. She can't take being constantly scrutinized, questioned and judged by every Tom, Dick and Harry. Her son's arrival might just be the last straw. It's emotional swings and roundabouts which won't leave you the same person.


Country: FranceUSA
Language: EnglishFrench
Director: Manuel M. Mercier
Awards: Taiwan International Queer Film Festival 2017, New Renaissance Film Festival 2017 - Best of the Film Festival, Voiceless International Film Festival 2017 - Best LGBT Award

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