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Water Boyy
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Water Boyy

วอเตอร์บอย รักใสใส

1h52m Thailand 2015


At Ocean High School in Hua Hin District, Nam is a swimmer who does well despite a lack of training. He is popular on campus and has many girlfriends, inspiring envy among his peers, and also has a love of pornography which he needs to watch to sleep. However, his relationship with his father, swimming coach Neung, is strained. Nine, does Nam's homework and tutors him so Nam can teach him how to swim. Another swimmer, Muek, becomes Nam's roommate. After Muek moves in, Nam is less interested in watching pornography. However, Muek has a girlfriend, Nune, an actress, who shows up for the Super League Swimming Competition at Changmai. This turns out to be a competition for love. But during the process the two boys find themselves falling in love with each other.


Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Director: Rachi Kusonkusiri
Cast: Anupart Luangsodsai, Beam Papangkorn, Book Olives


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