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The Love Patient
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Gay Family Relationship Romance North America

The Love Patient

The Love Patient

1h35m USA 2011


A heart broken advertisement executive pretends to have cancer to trick his ex-boyfriend into falling in love with him again. When the brash Paul, realizes his ex-boyfreind, the sensitive souled Brad, is dating one-time Bowflex model, Ted, he comes to terms that he has lost him for good. Grasping for straws, Paul concocts an outrageous scheme to win back Brad's sympathy - he stages his own cancer diagnosis. Things seem to be going in Paul's favor until his mother moves into his house, clears out the furniture and puts in a home-care hospital facility. Additionally, she has the rest of the family move in, most notably Paul's rich bitch sister who senses his scheme from the very start.


Country: USA
Language: English
Director: Michael Simon
Cast: Benjamin Lutz, John Werskey, Jackson Palmer

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