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Gay Coming Out Romance Sexually Explicit Latin America



1h31m Argentina 2011


Knowingly, even aggressively sexual, 16-year-old Martin locks his seductive sights on Sebastian, his recently engaged, 30-something swimming instructor. Faking an injury, Martin eventually tricks his teacher into letting him spend the night at his apartment. As Sebastian begins to realize the possible sexual interest on the part of his student, he is conflicted. He is dismissive, but his curiosity is piqued by the boy's overt advances. An extraordinary event soon forces the increasingly troubled Sebastian to question his own feelings for young Martin. Absent is not a simple boy-meets-boy drama. It's a taut, and at times, incredible sexy drama of repressed passion, guilt and regret.


Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Director: Marco Berger
Cast: Carlos Echevarría, Javier De Pietro, Antonella Costa
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2011 - Teddy Award for Best Feature Film, Argentinean Film Critics Association Awards 2012 - Best Video Film, Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2011


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