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Splendid Float
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Transgender Gay Arts and Literature Romance Chinese

Splendid Float


1h12m Taiwan 2004


At night, he is a drag-queen;
in reality, he is a Taoist priest.
The most traditional occupation and the most untraditional love.
Converged in-between the death of lover and the ritual of calling his soul home.
The most vernacular splendour and the most splendid queer world,
exotic and warm; absurd but sincere.
This is a love film in/out the liminality of life and death.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zero Chou
Cast: James Chen, Chung Yi-ching, Wang Xue-jen
Awards: Golden Horse Awards 2004 - Best Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Makeup & Costume Design, Best Original Film Song, Golden Horse Awards 2004 - Best New Performer, Best Art Direction, Best Original Film Song Nominations, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2004


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