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Splendid Float
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Splendid Float


1h12m Taiwan 2004


In the daytime, A-Wei is a taoist who parys for revenants in s Funeral House, but is the nighttime he turns himself into Rose and is the most hottest transvestite queen in the Splendid Float. Rose promises his customers to raise the soul of their drown son, A-Yang. To his surprise, it is lover's soul he is going to raise. As a taoist,Rose weeps about his lover with sadness.The musician in the Funeral house cannot help wondering how comes the Taoist has become the family of the dead. Facing such a big lose of his lover, Rose wants to take the momorial tablet home as his wife.Therefore, his colleagues and he come to A-Yang's funeral and his opinion by throwing the wooden divining blocks over and over again. On the funeral ceremony, after the funeral procession and A-Yang family are gone, Rose's colleagues and she are going to hold a big welfare party for A-Yang to memorize their passing love. ""Splendid Float"" is the first film about the transvestite queen in Taiwan and also the first homosexual film of her rainbow plan.

“Splendid Float evolves into a dreamy mood piece about love, loss, and the inability to let go.""-Ronnie Schieb, Variety"


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Zero Chou
Awards: Golden Horse Awards 2004 - Best Taiwanese Film of the Year, Best Makeup & Costume Design, Best Original Film Song, Golden Horse Awards 2004 - Best New Performer, Best Art Direction, Best Original Film Song Nominations, Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2004

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