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Permanent Residence
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Gay Bisexual Romance Sexually Explicit Chinese

Permanent Residence


18+ Restricted
1h56m Hong Kong 2009


Ivan has been searching an answer to a lifetime question: Where will we be after the present life? On the way, he went thru a difficult passion with Windson, a straight guy, made a longtime friendship with Josh, a Palestinian, experienced the death of his beloved elderly, witness the wedding of his brother and the birth of a nephew. Eventually he designed a permanent residence at his own soil to host all his love ones for the next life, in case there is any, while his friend Josh created a home at the Dead Sea for those not so much loved.


Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English
Director: Scud
Cast: Osman Hung, Sean Li, Jackie Chow
Awards: Chinese Film Media Awards 2009 - Best New Actor, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009, Taipei Film Festival 2009


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