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Starting Over
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Starting Over

Starting Over

1h34m Japan 2014


Nana, 18 and a high school student in Tokyo, has her hands full dealing with the people in her life. Her mother is in the hospital for clinical depression. She has a stepfather she dislikes and wants to stay away from. There are also the older men who pay her to watch them masturbate. The only joy in Nana’s life comes from Marin, another girl at school. Their friendship blossoms into romance and the two become inseparable. But Marin wants to hide their relationship and becomes furious when she learns about Nana’s side job.


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director: Takashi Nishihara
Cast: Nina Endô, Mika Akizuki
Awards: Tokyo International Film Festival 2014, Gothenburg Film Festival 2015, Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2015


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