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Lady CaCa
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Lady CaCa


1h28m Taiwan 2018


There is a different soul inside CaCa's body. Just when she decides to confess her biological gender, her boyfriend proposes to her. It puts her in struggling with the risk to lose her happiness. One phone call brings CaCa back to her hometown that she left behind long ago. Her sister needs her to take care of their mother who suffers from mental illness because her sister is expecting a baby and going to get married. Her father keeps her mother in close watch and looking for ways to cure her mother during all these years. CaCa feels for her mother but can't deal with her mood swings. When her mother has another nervous breakdown which jeopardizes her sister's marriage, CaCa is blamed for everything. Can she pull herself together with all the chaos going on?


Country: Taiwan
Language: MandarinMin Nan
Director: Vinci Lan
Awards: Golden Bell Awards 2019 - Miniseries / TV Movie Supporting Actor Award and Supporting Actress Nominations

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