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2h7m Japan 2017


Eleven-year-old Tomo is pretty much left to her own devices. Unwashed dishes are piling up in the sink and supermarket onigiri are all there is to eat again. Tomo’s single mother usually comes home late, and drunk. When she leaves her daughter for good one day the girl has to rely on help from her uncle, who takes in Tomo to live with him and his girlfriend Rinko. At their first meeting Tomo is flabbergasted to discover that Rinko is a transsexual. Rinko immediately sets about taking care of Tomo; not only does she lovingly prepare meals but she also succeeds in creating a new home for the girl. But before long cracks appear in their perfect nest.


Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Director: Naoko Ogigami
Awards: Berlin International Film Festival 2017 - Teddy Award - Special Jury Award, LesGaiCineMad Madrid International LGBT Film Festival 2017 - Best Film, TLVFest - The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival 2017 - Best Narrative Feature

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