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1h22m Canada 2013


Lake is an unusual boy: he is a young man with an old soul who discovers he has an odd fixation on the elderly. Although Lake has a girlfriend his own age, he wonders sometimes if his fixation on old men is unnatural and unhealthy - perhaps even sexual. When his mother, who is a nurse, takes on a management job at an old folks home, Lake jumps at her offer as an orderly there. Lake befriends one old man, Mr. Peabody. They begin to form a strong bond. Mr. Peabody charms Lake with romantic stories of his youth…


Country: Canada
Language: EnglishFrench
Director: Bruce LaBruce
Awards: Venice Film Festival 2013, Milan International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2014 - Grand Jury Award, Montréal Festival of New Cinema 2013 - Grand Prix Focus for Best Feature Film

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