Queer Taiwan: Episode 4 - A Path to Happiness - 4/4 - Series - GagaOOLala - Find Your Story

Queer Taiwan: Episode 4 - A Path to Happiness

Queer Taiwan: Episode 4 - A Path to Happiness 4/4


30m Taiwan 2018


The stories that come from the heart, everyone will listen to them.
How hard is to start a family? Whether it is a gay or straight family, people go to great lengths to achieve their dream home. The appearance of surrogacy supposed a turning point for gay couples. However, the controversial figure of the surrogate is still illegal in Taiwan and most part of Asia. In the last episode of “Queer Taiwan,” we explore the issue of surrogacy from an objective point of view. Monetary benefits aside, the reward of helping a family fulfill their dream is becoming more and more relevant for the surrogates. Artist Hsiao Hsien describes her difficult journey seeking a surrogate in the US due to her infertility, she looks back and confesses how her efforts made her a different person. Jay Lin, father of two surrogate children, and another gay family speak about their surrogate mothers with endless gratitude. A straight couple looking forward to their surrogate getting pregnant, and a mother whose daughter cannot have kids encourage people to normalize and embrace infertility and its possible solutions. Other interviewees include members of the Taiwan LGBT Family Rights Advocacy and the CEO of The Garden of Hope Foundation, which encourages people to adopt and opposes surrogacy.

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