Out People series: In LGBT Families, Love Has No Labels
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Gay Lesbian Coming Out Family Chinese

Out People series: In LGBT Families, Love Has No Labels

Out People 系列:在同志家庭裡,愛沒有不一樣
22m Taiwan 2017


Interviewees: Buding's Family, Jason and Daniel, Kalani and his dads.

LGBT families are not different from heterosexual families. In this episode of Out People, we see three LGBT families and the interactions between parents and children. The images of them are natural and warm. Lesbian couple Jo-ting and Chia-ming and their child Buding keep practicing coming out. They show society that everyone has the right of being in love and having a family; fathers of the twins Yuan-yuan and Man-Man, Jason and Daniel, are not recognized as a couple in Chinese culture, so their son and daughter are Canadians. They realized that raising children is like looking into a mirror; Kalani's two dads fill him with pride. He is only 13 years old but speaks openly of his sexual orientation: his two dads have showed him more possibilities and accepted every part of him.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Gan Li Ling
Actor: Buding's family, Jason and Daniel, Kalani and dads


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