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Out People series: Helping Others Be "Gay"
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Out People series: Helping Others Be "Gay"

Out People 系列:助人為「Gay」之本

23m Taiwan 2017


Interviewees: Hsu Hsiu-wen, Liu Zi-hsi, Jason Chu
The word "gay" originally means to be happy. The out homosexual figures in this episode of "Out People" are in charge of filling many people's lives with happiness. Lawyer Hsu Hsiu-wen has been fighting for gay rights in Taiwan for years. He is without a doubt one of the biggest promoters behind the same-sex marriage equality bill. Priest Liu Zi-hsi is the first out homosexual priest in Asia. She is gentle but determined, and has shown the way to many lost souls. After her wife died, Tseng Kai-hsin, supported by her colleagues and students, fulfilled her dream of becoming a woman. She also shares her courageous story with more LGBT friends. Diplomat Jason Chue's travels have broadening his mind. He has met different people along the journey and is willing to share his heart-warming stories with us.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Gan Li Ling
Cast: Hsu Hsiu-wen, Liu Zi-hsi, Tseng Kai-hsin, Jason Chu

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