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Drinking Buddies Season 1 Episode 3

Drinking Buddies Season 1 Episode 3 3/5

真心話大drunk夫 第1季第3集

9m Taiwan 2019


Lesbian Couple Rabbit & Wolf: "Are you excited? Be gentle."

In this episode, we invite lesbian couple Rabbit & Wolf, who really don't care about telling the truth nor about over-drinking. A mind-blowing tipsy challenge is about to take place.

"Drinking Buddies" invites LGBTQ members of different sexes and gender identities as well as LGBT allies to play "answer the question or take a shot of vodka." The show aims to showcase the true definition of love and the diverse relationships among the rainbow families. Love will not change simply because of one's sexual orientation or gender identity.


Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Director: Yvette Chou

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