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Jupiter's Choice
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Jupiter's Choice


1h30m Taiwan 2015


Mei Feng, 50 something, runs a karaoke bar called "Love God". Lin Sang, 60, was a former singer when he was young and has not come out as a gay man. Wang Dong, 70, is passionately pursuing Mei Feng. Liu Jie, 50, is a housewife and an admirer of Lin Sang. Xiao Chen, 20, is the driver of Wang Dong and gets emotionally involved with Mei Feng. Junxiong, also in his 50s, is Mei Feng's ex-husband and hoping to reunite with her. "Love God" intertwines these friends and regular customers...


Country: Taiwan
Language: MandarinMin Nan
Director: Zero Chou
Awards: Golden Bell Awards 2015 - Mini-drama / TV Movie Supporting Actor Award Nomination

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