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Referendum for Equal Rights

November 24, 2018 is an election and referendum day in Taiwan. Anti-LGBTQ+ groups brought up “marriages are exclusively between male and female,” “abandoning LGBTQ+ education” and “LGBTQ+ rights to be excluded from the Civil Law.” LGBTQ+ groups responded with “marriage equal rights to be included in the Civil Law” and “generalizing sex-equality education.” In this historical moment, GagaOOLala presents “Referendum for Equal Rights” selection, including acclaimed movies about LGBTQ+ equal rights and sex-equality education such as the latest exclusives “Lovely Man” and “Monster Pies” along with the Berlinale award-winning “The Circle” and the Golden Horse Award-winning “Alifu, the Prince/ss.” These movies profoundly deliver the value and the true meaning of equality.

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